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    May 1, 2017 at 1:17 am #4249

    The startup ecosystem itself if being disrupted, so the need for better, quicker, faster and cheaper legal advice.

    LawPath enables clients to speak directly to an experienced lawyer for up to 30 minutes for just $29.
    If the clients issue is too large to resolve within those 30 minutes LawPath have negotiated a discount of between 10 – 20% off the lawyers hourly rate, only for LawPath clients.

    Rocket Lawyer
    Rocket Lawyer has simplified the process to a simple search engine for whatever document you need done. Its search auto-completes what you’re looking for, (“EG: employee evaluation form” or “non-profit incorporation”) organized based on different sections of the law.

    Users log onto the site and can directly request a quote for a specific item (for example, a terms of use policy), much like Rocket Lawyer, and immediately order and pay for it. Alternatively, they can see a rolling list of attorneys with reviews from customers and Facebook-like profiles, offering details on their expertise and field.

    Companies here use artificial intelligence to summarise legal documents and include LegalSifter.

    Lexoo which helps consumers search and find the right lawyer.

    Notarize provides consumers with a digital notarisation service.

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